Rachel Berry is an idiot if she thinks she can tame the Sex Shark.

Was it pure naive hope that made McKinley’s little big star Rachel Berry think she could change the ways of legendary Sex Tornado Noah Puckerman? From what we’ve heard; things in Puckleberry land have hit the rocks, and gone extinct. It seems no one appreciated the fact that one Miss Quin Fabray tried to relieve some extra tension by using Puck’s renowned sexual prowess  Did Puck let his little head do all the thinking, and screw things up? Or was Berry just too blind to see that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? What’s going to happen now that they are both on the market again? This blogger can only hope that lonely and heartbroken Rachel Berry is reading this, and knows she can give me a call if she ever needs a shoulder to cry. I volunteer as tribute to help you forget all about it.

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